Friday, August 20, 2010

Beadharmony Jewellery

My Mom has been making jewelery for about 8 years now. It all started with a favorite turquoise bead necklace that broke. She studied the necklace and decided that perhaps she can fix it herself with the right tools and supplies. So she trekked over to a bead store in the city. She was so excited to see beautiful beads made of semi-precious stones, sterling silver, glass and even plastic. Needless to say, while she picked up the tools and supplies that she needed to fix her necklace, she also picked up some beads and decided to try her hand at the jewellery game. Before she knew it, beading started to take over her life like a creative infection. She would spend nearly every weekend making bracelets and necklaces, finding gratification in knowing that she will not run into someone wearing the same jewelery as her.

Soon, friends and family started noticing my Ma's jewelery, as she was receiving so many compliments. She began to believe that maybe there is an opportunity for her to sell these pieces and at least get some of her investment back so she can make more jewelery; a cheap and less evasive form of therapy, she would say. She took them to work on several occasions and people were enthusiastically buying her creations. Once in awhile, she would come to work with a piece of jewelery and come home without it because someone at work had paid money for it. And that's when she decided to create a small business, named Beadharmony.

It is my Mom's intent to create a website and try to sell her pieces online but her career has always stood in her way. Someday soon, it will happen. In the meantime, she will just continue to keep doing what she is passionate about. If someone decides they want to buy a piece, she might be convinced to part with it; her dream is for people to enjoy wearing her jewellery as much as she enjoys making it.

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