Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alberta Fashion Week x winFresh

Last week was the 2010 S/S Alberta Fashion Week. I, unfortunately, was too busy to make any of the shows. I was supossed to be at the Friday show, but something came up. Fortunately for you, my friend winFresh was there and had a media pass from his girlfriend, Kar. We started shooting at the same time, go on shoots together fairly often and we've always been looking to do a collaboration together. Here is the first of many. He shot some really great photos and the clothes looked good too. Check 'em out!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Tracked

The weather has been getting better in Calgary, and while it has been rather inconsistent, I've been riding my two wheeled machine(s) as often as I can. Lolita, aka. The Green Bullet, has been my ride of choice lately. She's my beat around the city frame, her single speed transmission makes for ease of use and little to no maintenance. I built her up last year from random parts and painted her with some rattle can Krylon paint.

In just under a year, I have gotten some great use out of her, however, now that she has some "nu shooz" on order I'm starting to feel like it's time I move on to a more agressive track frame. Don't get me wrong; Lolita is fast as hell, an agile climber and offers a fairly comfy ride. It's just that the long wheel base makes her a wee bit clumsy around the corners and in traffic. So, I've been doing my reserach online for a new frame and I've been looking mainly at steel track frames. It is tax return time, and I think a track frame would make a great graduation gift (can't blame me for trying)! Anyways, here are a few that have caught my eye:

Surly Steamroller

One of the more accessible and cheaper frames that I can find, the Steamroller is a more practical and versitile frame that allows for bigger tires and fenders. The frame lacks the true track geometry, but is still fairly agressive.

Samson NJS

Made in Japan and was a Keirin Race staple in the early 90's, the Samson steel lugged frame is quite the rare find, but isn't she a beaut?!

Cinelli Gazzetta

Brand new for 2010, the Gazzetta is an entry/street level pista offering from the Italian frame builder. It's affordable, probably easier to get and comes in green and yellow! Yeah, it's silly to shop for colour.

Ciocc Enemy Pursuit

This bike in particular is famous because it's owned by one of the members of the MASH SF Crew. Unfortunately for me, it will remain a pipe dream. Super agressive though, and that has a lot to do with the smaller 650c painted carbon Zipp wheel up front. *sigh*

Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track

Another one of my dreak bikes, the BMW Gangsta has a very interesting geometry, as the seat tube is leaning way back over the rear wheel. Opting for a BMX stem, bars, and freestyle forks this frame seems fit to do bar spins or sprints. Street cred.

Truthfully, I could probably only afford the Steamroller or the Gazzetta, but it's nice to dream. I'm not too sure when I'll actually start shopping for a new frame, but in the meantime I'll be lovingly pushing on Lolita.



Friday, March 26, 2010

No Races, Only Humans

For those who didn't know, March 21st is the International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination. The Anti-Racist Action Calgary (ARA) organizes a yearly rally to celebrate the day and to spread their forum of racial harmony and the strength of love over hate. The day has been tainted with affliction in the past as the local Neo-Nazi sect, The Aryan Guard, has marched to oppose the ARA. This has resulted with violence and chaos, as numerous ignorant individuals have been arrested on both fronts.

The police presence was obvious and very strong as they too were expecting the worst. Supporters started to roll in very slowly but the crowd soon grew to be about 100 individuals. Fortunately, the Aryan Guard did not show up, and while it would have made for some explosive photos, a peaceful rally was a blessing. It proves that the Neo-Nazi movement is losing steam and this could be attributed to numerous members of the Guard being arrested. A small handful of self acclaimed "White Pride" supporters did show up but it was rather pathetic. I found it to be quite ridiculous that the media and some ARA supporters were even giving them attention. Racism, in any form, does not warrant any publicity whatsoever.

My honest opinion of the whole rally was that it was fairly well organized but still has it's issues. Namely, I was turned off by some of the members of the ARA that seemed to be eager for confrontation. It's amazing that these kids were there to fight for a cause that they are obviously passionate about but they were strikingly immature about it. They were "hamming" it up for the camera, longing to give interviews and when engaged in confrontation with the supposed Neo-Nazi's they acted primitive and moronic. Don't get me wrong, these "grunts" are important to any movement, however the leadership needs to come from the educated, who need to reel in the "bad eggs". The affluent will be sympathetic with the Anti-Racist movement, however, the movement does not appear attractive to the middle class. It is true, the middle class is largely apathetic and activism remains a working class/student activity. If the ARA can somehow get the rich and prosperous to get involved, their campaign will become bullet proof.

Anti-Racism is a worthy cause but it is still a fresh concept in this city. The fact the Neo-Nazi's still exist is disheartening, but it is still amazing that a small group of citizens are willing to fight for equal rights and racial unity in the 21st century; a time where many expect it but few practice or are even conscious of it.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring 2010 PARK Show

So I tried my hand at shooting a fashion show a few weeks back at the Spring 2010 PARK Fashion Show. The show was held at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center on Saturday March 6th. PARK is a non-profit organization that stands for "Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture." As the name suggests, PARK is around to help aspiring artists and designers by providing them a platform for them to present and sell their products. The organization is very "grass-roots" but you won't be finding any hippies or tree huggers here. PARK is professional and polished, composed of an extremely talented design and relations team.

My experience at the recent fashion show was positive. I packed my camera with the intention of shooting the fashion show, however, showing up late made it difficult to find a good location around the runway. Prime real-estate at the front of the runway was reserved for media, so I had to jockey for a position at the crowded sides of the runway. Good thing the runway was shaped as a cross, making for three points to shoot the models head on. Unfortunately, all points of the runway were packed! I made the best of the situation and tried to work around other photographers and audience members. It was difficult to focus on the clothes, so I tried to focus on other things like make-up, hair and details in the clothing. Lesson learned: get to events early and claim your spot! There's no such thing as fashionably late, even in fashion!

The dance performance by House of Dangerkat was excellent. This was the first time I have seen them perform and it was impressive. These guys are getting huge so it was a great treat to seem them live at a small event like this. Keep on keepin' on! Enjoy the mediocre photos.

There's a lot more where that came from. Click the jump to see more photos from the event.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Respect My Conglomerate

My home girl Karleen has been tworkin' her buns off as style director for a project that she has been thinking up for the past few years. Teaming up with her long time friend and design genius, Lionel Cipriano, they set off to explore uncharted territory in the city of Calgary. Conglomerate Magazine is the newest, and in my honest opinion, most beautifully designed, styled and shot, independent fashion magazine in Calgary, maybe the country! It's focus is on fashion week events across the nation, profiling local talents and networking Canadians to their local fashion industry in a serious, intelligent, and honest manner. Kar and Lionel seriously smashed it. All other fashion publications should be worried, these cats have arrived. Click the image of the cover below to see the online preview of the magazine as it's set to hit newsstands at the end of April

Young and Free

The Fresh Prince of Everything, aka. Francis Bustamante, has recently submitted a video application for the Young and Free Alberta website to be the Official 2011 spokesperson. The Young and Free was started to give the 17-25 year old crowd of Canada a platform to voice their opinions to the faceless financial institutions we've all come to love. Francis is a 21 year old ECON student at the UofC and he would like to represent you! Check out his one minute application video below and then follow the jump to vote for him. No joke!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

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