Tuesday, June 25, 2013

State of Emergency: YYC Flood Pt.II

The City of Calgary has been bouncing back faster than most expected. Sections of the city that were previously flooded are now dry but the rivers left a lot of mud, dirt and debris behind. We have plenty of people to thank for their hard work and dedication they have applied to making our city beautiful again. We must thank our emergency workers, volunteers and generous citizens for all they have done in the last couple of days. Our city will look amazing again and I have never been prouder to call myself a Calgarian.

The following photos were taken with an iPhone in the Mission neighbourhood two days following the flood. Mission is one of the neighbourhoods greatly effected by the flood and is located on the banks of the Elbow River. On Sunday, citizens living in Mission were allowed to re-enter their homes to asses the amount of damage caused by the flood. The amount of damage I witnessed was shocking but I have no doubt that these courageous Calgarians will bounce back.


Monday, June 24, 2013

State of Emergency: YYC Flood Pt. I

These are photos taken on Thursday night, the evening the flood began in Calgary. Since these photos were taken the flood waters on the Bow and Elbow rivers rose another 5-10 feet causing even more destruction and chaos in the neighbourhoods photographed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Be still. Be quite. This is a moment for you to just sit and think about yourself. I'm not talking about an opportunity to organize due dates for work or stress out about your bills and investments. This is a chance to do something completely selfish for you.

Breathe in and out slowly. Close your eyes and look deep into your self for a change rather than being so quick to judge others. Ask yourself, what am I living for? What motivates me? Do I have goals? Do I have dreams? Open your eyes now and recognize the road you took to get yourself where you are today. It was a laboriously rocky road with many speed bumps along the way. The challenges you confronted during your journey were intricate in creating the person you are today. The question is, are you proud of the person you have become? No one is perfect. Our unique imperfections are what make us diverse individuals. They call that character. Embrace it. Celebrate it.

Be appreciative for today because yesterday cannot be changed and we cannot control tomorrow. Thank yourself for this moment of quiet contemplation and prepare carry on down that road. Don’t forget to love along the way; there is a lot to go around so make sure you let your family and friends know how important they are to you because without them the road would be treacherous. These people are the ones responsible for shaping your heart, the most vital of all your humanly organs. Your heart is your GPS; make sure to follow it, as it will make certain you will not get lost.

Any questions? As you were…

Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo of the Day: 06/03/13

Da Bubble Boy by Small Time Visionary

Northern Maui Adventure

All great photographers have fascination with adventure. Street photographers explore cities in search of documenting life as it happens. Landscape photographers travel the world in search of unique angles and locations. Wildlife photographers use their animal instincts to capture dangerous species in their natural habitats. Without their desire for adventure a photographer is crippled.

Taking the easy and safe road is a desirable one for most but everyone has a youthful instinct for adventure that we eventually lose over time. Like learning to play a musical instrument, an individual's drive for adventure takes dedicated practice. With regular training ones skill for adventure becomes heightened; you learn to know when to take the appropriate risks and your instincts for impending danger becomes heightened so that it can be avoided. But the most disarming thing of any great adventure is a persons initial un-easyness of the unknown. We're often scared of getting hurt, lost or distressed and when we start to dwell too much into the intangibles we start to think that maybe this was not a good idea.

Everyone feels this fear but we must force ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to experience something truly magical. On our recent trip to Maui we experienced just that. While trying to get back to the West side of the Northern tip of the island from the Iao Valley we decided to punch in the coordinates of D.T. Fleming Beach Park. The GPS prescribed a different route then the way we came and I was initially unsure about it. I read that there were roads along the North tip that car rental companies won't allow you to travel. I heard that if you took this said road and your car broke down that you would have to wait hours for help. I was told that the road around the Northern tip was not developed for vehicular travel and that it was extremely dangerous. This was the turning point; do I turn the Jeep around and find the multi-lane highway back the way we came or do I point the steering wheel in the direction I was told never to go. My nerves were jittery at first. My grip on the wheel was tight. Sweat formed on my brow but with an uneasy chuckle I resolved that we keep on and see where this road will take us.

The road quickly tightened on our wheels and the rugged terrain engulfed us into a landscape that was breath-takingly beautiful but obviously unforgiving. On the driver side was a jagged volcanic rock face and on the passenger side was a sheer drop down to the rugged shore; a safety barrier was deemed not important by the civil engineers who created this road. Two way traffic was constricted to a single lane and allowing for a vehicle to pass had to be choreographed like a grand waltz or else both vehicles will be left in peril. The first few hairpins were terrifying but soon I was loosening my grip on the wheel and releasing the tension in my jaw. I was quickly starting to enjoy this road and was taking in the striking vistas as we continued on, stopping when safe every now and again so I can take a quick photo or hike down from the road to get a better view of the waves breaking on the shore.

I wouldn't have known what I would have missed should I have decided to turn the car around. We still would have eventually arrived to our destination of D.T. Fleming Beach, which in itself was sublime but it's always said that it's not the destination but the journey that is more preserved. The experience was truly amazing and now stands as one of the greatest travel memories I have ever had and one of the most incredible drives I have had the pleasure of navigating. So just remember, when you feel the butterflies in your gut and your mind tells you to think again, follow your heart and let your instincts take over so you don't miss out on a great experience.