Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Be still. Be quite. This is a moment for you to just sit and think about yourself. I'm not talking about an opportunity to organize due dates for work or stress out about your bills and investments. This is a chance to do something completely selfish for you.

Breathe in and out slowly. Close your eyes and look deep into your self for a change rather than being so quick to judge others. Ask yourself, what am I living for? What motivates me? Do I have goals? Do I have dreams? Open your eyes now and recognize the road you took to get yourself where you are today. It was a laboriously rocky road with many speed bumps along the way. The challenges you confronted during your journey were intricate in creating the person you are today. The question is, are you proud of the person you have become? No one is perfect. Our unique imperfections are what make us diverse individuals. They call that character. Embrace it. Celebrate it.

Be appreciative for today because yesterday cannot be changed and we cannot control tomorrow. Thank yourself for this moment of quiet contemplation and prepare carry on down that road. Don’t forget to love along the way; there is a lot to go around so make sure you let your family and friends know how important they are to you because without them the road would be treacherous. These people are the ones responsible for shaping your heart, the most vital of all your humanly organs. Your heart is your GPS; make sure to follow it, as it will make certain you will not get lost.

Any questions? As you were…

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