Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Full Bloom

Allow me to introduce you to another influence of mine, Mr. Philip Bloom. Bloom is a director, director of photography and film maker who travels all around the world to shoot projects for Discovery HD and other media outlets. Considering himself as the new breed of cinematographers, Bloom has pushed the boundaries of what can be shot with compact and D-SLR cameras. Often opting for a Canon 5d Mk II, Canon 7d or Panasonic GF-1, Bloom creates amazingly visual videos and timelapses. His videos have a sense of personalization to them, mainly because of his utiziation of tight close ups with a macro lens and a feeling of reverence through his use of his wide angle lens; a comination that is very pleasing for the eyes. The soft focus that is characteristic in Blooms work is through the use of a fixed lens with a wide aperture of about f/1.2-1.4. The soundtrack that is edited into the videos is always on point, adding depth and character. He is a true inspiration to me because his videos encompass so much beauty and emotion; things that all photographers aspire to invoke through their photographs.

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