Saturday, March 20, 2010

Respect My Conglomerate

My home girl Karleen has been tworkin' her buns off as style director for a project that she has been thinking up for the past few years. Teaming up with her long time friend and design genius, Lionel Cipriano, they set off to explore uncharted territory in the city of Calgary. Conglomerate Magazine is the newest, and in my honest opinion, most beautifully designed, styled and shot, independent fashion magazine in Calgary, maybe the country! It's focus is on fashion week events across the nation, profiling local talents and networking Canadians to their local fashion industry in a serious, intelligent, and honest manner. Kar and Lionel seriously smashed it. All other fashion publications should be worried, these cats have arrived. Click the image of the cover below to see the online preview of the magazine as it's set to hit newsstands at the end of April

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