Thursday, September 23, 2010

That 80's Show

Way back in June, I was invited by my friend Lauren to take some photos of a concert she was hosting with her singing students. I'm always one to support a friend and their creative endeavors, so I was all for it!

The concert was 80's themed. Everything from the costumes to the songs were full blown 80's and you better believe that it was the bizznass! Some of my personal classics were performed; such legendary hits as With or Without You, Sunglasses at Night and Sweet Child 'O Mine. You could tell a lot of hard work went into the preperation of the show, whether it was the set pieces or the band learning the songs. I was uber impressed!

It was a great show. The kids were superstars on that stage and showed a lot of courage and talent. Cheers Lo, you directed and produced a fantastic concert! Here are some photos that I put off for far too long; hope you enjoy them!

There is a lot more where this came from! Click here to see a boat load of photos from the show. Remember folks, I'm freelance and for hire!



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