Friday, February 25, 2011

Munny Exchange 2011

Christmas is the time of the year for giving. It's a tradition that has gone on since the birth of Jesus Christ, just over 2010 years ago, when brilliant marketing execs made up the campaign to boost the sales of their clients. I kid. But one Christmas tradition that remains genuine and pure is the yearly Munny Exchange. This year marked the second anniversary of the event and everyone went big this year. Check em out!

Chococat by Kiko

My Interpretation by Miko

Keroppi by Kali

Zombie Munnicorn by Kathryn

Piggy Munny Bank by Stevie

Gabby the Giraffe by Chris

Master Chief by Gabbi

Lux Munny by Ron

Laa Laa (Teletubbies) by Chloe

Tyrone (Backyardigans) by Nicki

Chris Hongz by Keanna

Chia Katrina by Cassey

Mummy Munny by Katrina

Impressive, no? These Jr. High kids have skills!


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