Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sounds of Minerva

One week ago, I had the rather special privilege to shoot portraits for a friend of mine and her new band. They are called Minerva and they are an up-and-coming Calgary band who described their sound as a sort or girl version of Jack Johnson. The band is composed of three members, Lauren, Jess & Leela, all of which have an extensive history of working together, so really this band is a long time coming! Each being great musicians in their own right, Minerva are a sort of super group, much like Them Crooked Vultures or Velvet Revolver, but way hotter! I got a chance to hear them sing during the shoot. They had the stones to sing A capella smack dab in the center of 17th Ave. SW and it was seriously amazing. I'm definitely excited to hear more from the girls and get my hands on a copy of their upcoming album.

The photo shoot was freaking brilliant; there were a lot of times where we'd all just start laughing our asses off which was not very professional but screw it! The weather was beautiful that day and the photos turned out really well. But seriously, I'd have to be pretty bad to screw up a shoot with three beautiful models. Thanks ladies for the opportunity and for helping me look good because obviously you didn't need any help! Special thank you goes to Chloe for being my most supportive assistant for the shoot, love you girl!



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