Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Toy: Fujifilm x10

I've been looking for a new camera for the longest time now. Not something to replace my beloved Canon 5D Mark II, but something that is compact, lightweight and discrete. I was looking for something that I can carry comfortably while traveling, cycling and snowboarding. Obviously, while the 5DMkII is my favourite, it is cumbersome. After careful research, I decided on the Fujifilm x10! I actually own one Fuji compact camera, which is the Fujifilm Natural Classica film compact. I loved the camera so much that I gave Fuji a second shot with their brand new x10!

Fuji is well known in the industry for their extremely sharp lenses, vibrant colour saturation and for their beautiful camera designs. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for the old school look and feel of the x10, borrowing design cues from the 1971 classic Leica M5 Rangefinder. However, the functionality and operation of this camera is all 21st century. The 12MP CMOS sensor is a gem! Low light and high ISO performance is outstanding for a compact camera. Shadow detail and dynamic range is comparable to that of Micro 4/3 cameras (ie; Olympus Pen and Panasonic G-series). The lens is not interchangeable but will prove to be all you will need, offering a variable f/2.0-2.8 aperture and around 4X optical zoom! I couldn't really ask for much more from a compact camera

Did I forget to mention she's good looking?

Alright, enough camera porn and gear talk! The proof is in the pudding! Here is a little taste of what the little black beauty can do! I've only owned the camera for just short of two weeks now and here are some test shots from around town.


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