Friday, June 1, 2012

Freak Motif @ Local 522

I've been sitting on these photos for over a month now. Sorry for the delay, but the month of May turned out to be hella busy! But without any further adieu, may I present to you Freak Motif! A few good friends of mine from high school are members of Calgary's most exciting funk act and asked if I could come out to enjoy their latest show. I happily obliged and thought it would be a nice favor to take a few photos of the band while they performed to a packed crowd at Local 522. Enough chit chat; here are the photos!

If you're able to catch these guys, I would highly suggest it! Freak Motif is pure musical fusion; improvisation at its finest! I hope you liked the photos. It was dark as hell in Local and the only light source was a single red spot light. There are some gems in there though. Check out my Flickr to see more photos that are posted in the blog.

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