Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chessa Q's Debut Teasers

A debut is a filipino tradition. It is a right of passage for a young filipina girl as she transitions into woman hood marked by her turning the age of 18. Turning the age of 18 is a big deal for most kids but in the filipino tradition it represents a lot more. The number 18 is recurring throughout the ceremony, where the young celebrant will be gifted 18 roses by the important men in her life. Next, 18 candles are offered and blown out by the celebrant while a wish or kind words are offered by the 18 most influential woman in the young girls life. The ceremony is very sentimental and enduring, to witness or be a part of a debut is a huge testament to ones continual love and support for the birthday celebrant.

I had a lot of fun capturing the special moments from this event. The family was particularly large and it was beautiful to see how much they love each other. Thank you for sharing your day with me, Chessa.


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