Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diners, No-Looks and Crack Dens

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been so busy with exams. It's not easy to cram an entire semesters worth of information into one week.

One lazy Sunday, Chloe and I decided that we wanted to go out and try eating somewhere new. As devout fans of the Food Network monstrosity, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives we thought it would be fun to check out the Galaxie Diner on 11th st. S.W. to fill our gluttonous appetites with artery clogging, ass fattening goodness.

Upon arrival to the small commercial block in Connaught Calgary, I became intrigued by what is in my opinion the ugliest building in Calgary. It was so awful that even crack heads would find it unsuitable to smoke crack in. What was this building prior to becoming such a public eyesore? The door looked so beaten, it seems like it had some sort of professional and romantic relationship with Ike Turner. Oddly enough, there was a door mat on the sidewalk. It may be hard to believe but squatters are incredibly polite individuals and they never enter a shit-hole without clearing their shoes of dirt, gravel and human feces. But the entire ugliness of this building truly makes it beautiful to look at.

After waiting outside the diner for what seemed like an hour, we finally got a table; a massive booth at the very back. I was seriously surprised when I got inside. Lets just say that it didn't have vaulted ceilings, a ballroom floor and Rembrandt paintings on the wall. Nope, this place was definitely a diner through and through. It had the required cheesey 50's interior, but it still managed to feel comfortable inside. The building has some serious character and I managed to pull myself away from my corn beef hash and vanilla shake to snap a no-look photo from the hip. I think the guy with the beard is either (a) recieving some bad news or (b) concentrating on not breaking wind in front of his alternative girlfriend.

So check out the Galaxie Diner. It's got good food. It's funky inside. And when you're done you don't need to use the restroom because that dumpy building is just a few meters away! And they say Calgary doesn't have culture!


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  1. that ugly building used to be a bar where locals would play music. I forgot what It was called but I've played a short set in there before! It was a pretty dope place before it shut down. I think the name started with an "r"... bah! I don't remember.. :) love the post!