Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello there, Beautiful

My girlfriend has one of the most interesting faces on the planet! I know she's reading this and thinking "WTF EVES!", so let me explain: Her face has so much character. First, her eyes are breathtaking. They change colour depending on her mood and I can stare at them for days. Second, her skin is very light and creamy. She has numerous little freckles on her cheeks, nose and lips and are so subtle that you don't notice them until you're up close and personal. Third, she has those amazingly full and soft lips and, might I mention, a great smile. She's got it going on, and I'm a pretty lucky dude. It's always an inspiration to take photos of her. She thinks she isn't photogenic; what do you think?




  1. yo thats a gorgeous photo (the first one)!!!

  2. Oh Chloe! always gorgeous! ever since we were young ones!!!! love you both!!!!