Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America's Past-time

As soon as Chloe and I stepped off of our plane, we had to get to Manhattan as fast as possible because we had tickets to see a Yankee game. To help give you some perspective, we landed at 5. The game started at 7. We landed in Newark, New Jersey Airport. It was Monday afternoon rush hour. What the hell were we thinking?

We were thinking "Damn, the Yankees are the biggest team in baseball! Almost everyone in the world who knows what baseball is, know's who the Yankees are. Ever hear of Babe Ruth? Lou Gehrig? Joe Dimaggio? Reggie Jackson? Derek Jeter? They are the current World Series Champions who play in a brand new multi-million dollar stadium!" Of course we are going to see a Yankee game while in New York, so stop judging us, dicknose!

Suprisingly, we got our bags quite quickly to the dismay of the fuming (not to be confused with flaming) Aussie next to me who has been waiting nearly 45 minutes for his wares. We caught a cab within 15 minutes which gave us just over 30 minutes to get to the hotel Soho. The cab ride was fairly fast considering the circumstances but it cost us over $80! We got to the hotel with some time to spare, but we still needed to take the subway uptown to the Bronx.

Arriving at the arena was surreal. I know I throw that word around a lot when I mention New York, but it is the word of choice that I use to describe the state of awe I was often in. It's a beauttiful, open-air designed, state of the art stadium that manages to take design cues from the old stadium that once stood across the street. It is seriously massive and a little intimidating at first. Once you settle in, you'll notice that it is extremely functional and there isn't single bad seat in the house.

We got to our seats, taking the ELEVATOR! Of course, we had to stop into another New York Institution and grab a Nathan's Famous hotdog and Miller Lite in a World Series Champions Collector Cup. We sat in the 200 section and our seats were great for only $50 a piece. Within minutes of sitting down, the Yankees hit a huge home run! I'm not usually one to get excited about baseball. I never watch it unless it's a tight playoff game. I mean, what's exciting about a bunch of guys standing around bases? But when you're there and the home team hits a home run, you'd have to be dead not to get hyped about it! I'll admit, the game still had it's slow moments and I'd often catch myself people watching or just staring in awe at the spectacle before me. It doesn't get much bigger then the Yanks!

Celebrity Sighting! Can you tell who this hardcore New York Yankee fan is?

The game was awesome. The Yankees won, beating the Baltimore Orioles 4-1 and we all really enjoyed the one of a kind experience. Only in New York, right Tre?


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