Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Engagement in New York City

As most of you may or may not know (I use this phrase way too much), my friends got engaged during our trip to New York City. Trevor dropped down to one knee atop the Empire State Building, which, according to Chloe, was where Chuck Bass from the deplorable television series Gossip Girl was going to propose to Blair Waldorf before he was shot and left to die in the streets; but I digress. The day had already been a major adventure for Trevor and the boys, but we arrived unscathed so that Trevor could execute the "Will You?" knee drop on Lorena to perfection and not end up left for dead on the streets of Manhattan.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, this blog post is dedicated strictly to you two and the moments leading up to the big event! I hope you guys love it. Again, congratulations; I'm really proud of you guys.

This photo was taken in Bryant Park, just blocks from Charlie Palmer's restaurant, Aureole. You don't want to know the stress that some of us went through to get dinner plans nailed down. Lorena originally expressed her interest in this joint so we had to make it happen. Little did Lorena know that it was a pre-engagement party! It was an excellent meal and a great way to kick off the evening. This is the before photo.

I know that Chloe took this picture because her hand always blocks the flash when she is focusing the lens. But it actually turned into a great photo, because it feels like it separates Trevor from that moment in time; a sort of contemplation piece focusing on what the guy is feeling and thinking before he proposes to his lady. This was taken moments before we started to head to the Empire State Building. No Pressure, Tre.

This photo is not good. It's blurry and the lighting is bad. BUT, it is the last photo taken of the couple before they became engaged! This was on the elevator on the way up to the observation deck.

Dude was sweating on top of the Empire State Building. Not only was he going to propose to Lorena, but he is also afraid of heights and there were some gale force winds! Pretty good form on the knee drop, but I think you're leaning too far forward on the left knee. It should be a perfect right angle. Just Playin'.

She said no.

But then reconsidered and said yes.

I'm messin'. Of course she said yes right away! She was so surprised and had no idea what was going to go down that evening. It was really cute actually. This is definitely my favorite photo from the bunch.

Whoa, take it easy you two! This is definitely the most bonerific photo from the bunch.

And this is the after photo.



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