Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life on Lemonade

What do you do when life hands you lemons? You make an MTV audition tape! That's what local talents Jenna, April and Reggie have done. MTV is currently host an open casting call to all those who think they have what it takes to create a completely original MTV reality series. This local trio have produced a very intriguing and sentimental casting tape that is sure to be relatable to most of you out there. Ever feel like you were meant to do something bigger then what you're currently doing? Ever feel like your talents and skills are better suited elsewhere? Ever feel like you could learn so much more about yourself or your world? Ever feel like you should be following your dreams? These are just a few of the questions that are confronted in Life on Lemonade; a seriously cool coming of age of sorts for all the dreamers out there. So remember, dreams are attainable.. just keep squeezin' them lemons!

Do us all a favor and check out their audition video below, then follow the LINK to view thier casting page!

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