Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noel Crisostomo

This one here is for all my fashion lovers..

My Tito Noel has been a figure in the Canadian Fashion Industry long before you started wearing high heels, sheer silk tops and jeggings. He worked with some of the more familiar fashion outlets in the world, but more recently, he decided to settle down (for the time being) in Manila. There, my Tito Noel developed his own high fashion label which he named after himself. Designing dresses for some of the Philippines hottest celebrities quickly helped him gain mainstream popularity, eventually earning him recognition as one of the hottest up and coming designers in the Philippines.

The past year and a half has been monumental for my now famous Uncle. He has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, created seasonal collections to rave reviews and has even opened up his own shop in the super trendy business district of Manila, Makati (think the Manhattan of Manila).

Just last week, my Tito Noel hosted his first full collection fashion show for the Premiere B Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. When asked about his collection Noel Crisostomo says, "I was inspired by postmodern architecture, particularly the works of Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Pieces are sleek, clean and modern, with a sense of deconstruction. Using fabrics like pinstripe wool, wool crepe and leather, I intend to show the contrast between rigid[ity and softness], soft matte and shine, as well as masculinity and femininity." I have to say, and call be biased but, his designs are absolutely breath taking and are pieces you can expect to see from the big fashion houses in Europe and North America. I'm so proud of my uncle and I want to wish him all the luck in the future of his label.

Click the image below and you'll be linked to the photos of my Tito Noels collection.

*please note that the photos above were not taken by myself, so credit is owed to an unknown photographer.



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