Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 1/2

It's the night of the big date. She gets really excited just thinking about it. Everything you tried on didn't seem to make your extremely high standards for the evening. The pants fit funny. The collar on your shirt is creased weird. After numerous changes, you settle on something, though you're not convinced it's good enough for her. You get in the car and are finally on your way to pick her up but realize you forgot your camera and go back to get it. Great, another set back. FINALLY you're on your way; wait, where are your sunglasses?! Forget it, you're already late.

You get to her house, late, sweaty. She walks up looking a bit perturbed about your tardiness, yet looking as stunning as the first time you laid eyes on her. You get to the parking garage and notice you're short change for parking. You ask her, shyly for a loonie. She hands one over. The back of your shirt is creased because your back was sweating profusely on the car ride over.

You start walking around the park and notice your shoe rubbing your heel in an uncomfortable manner. You hope it's not a blister. You stop for a second to check the damage and there is a hole in the skin of your heel the size of a dime. You hobble over to the hot dog stand and ask for a band-aid. You soon realize one isn't enough. You ask her, embarassed, to get you another. She does and now your heel is heavily padded. You walk a bit, cautiously... what a disaster

You survive long enough to get to the restaurant. You both settle down inside and notice the calm summer breeze through the wide open window that over looks the river and park. You sip on your ginger mojito as she does the same with her mamosa. This all feels more familiar. You're with the girl of your dreams. 4 and a half years to the day. Yet it still felt like the first date.


I'm such a disaster, but I'm your disaster. Love you!

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