Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New York City Giants

You didn't think that was all I had from New York, did you?! Actually, I forgot these photo's existed until last night. When we went to the MoMA, Chloe was scheduled to meet her Aunt at the Ritz-Carlton to enjoy a spa treatment. I chose to opt out and explore the city a little bit. I ended up walking South on 5th Ave and took these photos of some of New York's iconic giants. I took the photos as a series of landscapes and combined them into large collages. The idea came to me in the spur of the moment and I don't think anyone else is shooting architecture like this. It's very hard to make the photos merge seemlessly due to plain geometry but it adds a sense of surrealism to the pieces and makes them more visually appealing. Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot all of the buildings I wanted to, but I'll be back. Enjoy.

The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

The Solow Building

Trump Tower

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Rockafeller Plaza

Radio City Music Hall


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