Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Nicole Richie

It's a funny thing about having a girl friend. Some think "I don't want a girl friend. She'd only hold me back". I'm not one of those people. For one, a girl friend can open up a world of opportunities and secondly, my girl friend reads my blog so there's no way I'd write anything on here that will awaken her inner She-Hulk.

But really folks, with the 'Ol Lady working at Canada's Only Luxury Department Store, it gives me the opportunity to shoot photos of famous people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to or even care about...

Take Nicole Richie for example. I'm not a fan of anything she has accomplished but I do think her father is fantastic, however, it would be rather tasteless to ask her to autograph a copy of her fathers album. She was in town to promote her lines House of Harlow and Winter Kate at Holt. Of course, I caught word of the event from the gf. You don't get to see celebrities in Calgary very often so I figured what the hell, lets take some photos of The Other Richie.

Naturally, a few local celebrities were in attendance.


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