Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bay or Bust

I'm sitting at gate B21 in YYC right now awaiting the boarding time for my flight to YVR, my eventual transfer to SFO and drive to The Silicone Valley (FALSE. I'm now actually in my hotel room in San Jose, but the entire post was written at the airport. The image above was also created while at the airport. I ran out of time to post it because I was boarding). Yessir, using airport codes rather than the actual names makes you sound both like you know what you're doing and a pompous ass! I just charged two hours of free wi-fi to a special someones Rogers phone account, so when you see something on your statement, surprise; you win! I'm pretty well versed in airport security so that was a breeze, but when did they stop instructing passengers to take their pants off prior to walking through the metal detector? I thought that was still common practice. Homeland is slippin'.

For those not in the know, my long-time friend from high school, John, is getting murde... I mean married. After three years of planning and civil matriarchy, John and Mell are finally making it honest in the house of God. Good times are certain. Following the wedding I'll be spending two nights in Frisco and enjoying the many fruits (no homo) the from which the city shall, allegedly (since I've never been), bore.

I want to apologize to you all for my lack of updates lately. I guess I haven't really given myself the time to blog and such lately. It's quite tragic and I really miss posting close to three times a week. Well comrades, I should have heaps of content from this trip so expects many updates to come.

Thanks again for following my blog and enjoying my photos. I think you guys are great and I'd be content if those sentiments were even slightly mutual.



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