Tuesday, November 16, 2010

San Jose: The Prequel

I'm sorry for the recent absence. Things have been a little weird lately, especially with work and the job hunt. I kinda shelved the blog for a bit as I have been reconsidering what direction I want to go with my art. After careful consideration, the blog is still important to me and the Small Time Visionary "brand". Even though I'm still not sure what direction I want to go, I will continue to blog and share my photos for others enjoyment.

Anyways, on with the show!

I knew what kind of trouble I was in for when I arrived to San Jose for John and Mell's wedding. Considering the company I had the pleasure to be with, calling it a potential shit show is a major understatement. I normally reserve myself for the yearly Donny Wong Birthday Blow Out but now I was in line for a weekend's worth of the same debauchery in a different city with a whole new set of laws that none of us were really familiar with. I wondered how much bail for a misdemeanor is in the state of California.

These photos are from the pre-game session of my first night in San Jose. A few old friends came out for the evening; Sailor Jerry brought a litre and a half of his 92 proof spiced rum and Senor Petron brought his silver tequila. Gentleman Jack made a brief cameo as well. The camera was passed around quite a bit so some photo credit goes out to Donny and Henry; especially the ones out of focus1 *wink*. You can credit me for the "photo magic" *double wink*. Enjoy!

1Actually, the amount of focus in the shot is directly related to the level of inebriation of the man behind the camera. The further you go in the set, the less focused things get. Just wait until you see the photos of us in town! Stay tuned...

The Groom. We were trying to get info for a gym so we could play some ball. Instead, we bought 3 litres of liquor and got mashed up.

The Best Man. If your sneaker game ain't on point, you're lookin' real dull.

Bartender Extraordinaire. What swill am I serving you ask? One part Sailor Jerry's and one part Dr. Pepper. Seriously smooth. Seriously dangerous. Let's Go!

I told John to pose like he was Al Pacino in Scarface. Not bad.

The Groomsman. Official job description: Get this shit poppin'.

Taking it to Mell & John's condo. First thing's first; Street Fighter!

A glance into the masterpiece Henry calls The Faces of Street Fighter.

Beware of what lurks behind every corner, Cat.

The Other Best Man. Most would pay top dollar for this man's good looks. Bryan just found a suitable donor and with a steady hand, surgically removed said donors face and had it attatched to his own mug. Paramount heard about the story and had a movie made out of it. Now everytime Face/Off is on tv Bryan makes $50,000. Syndicated!

The Character.

North East Set.


The Budding Bride. She laughs at what you call a devistating right hook.

Note to self: If you are allergic to cats, don't rub your eyes no matter how good it feels at the time. You're going to regret it later.

The score from the previous night. Game, Groom.


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