Friday, November 19, 2010

San Jose: Night Life

After all the fun and games at John's apartment, it was time to loosen the reigns and let ourselves into the wild. We were trying to get a hold of the other gents but they decided to hole themselves up in their hotel room and nurse their wounds from the evening previous. My memory of this night is rather fuzzy; I don't recall the drive to downtown San Jose but apparently we hopped into a cab and our first stop of the evening was some punk show. It's helpful having a camera. Imagine how unfunny and short the movie The Hangover would have been if they found their camera from the start.

We didn't stay too long and opted for the club across the street. We walked from the frot to the back and noticed the over abundance of angry cholos so we left immediately. Down the street we went where Donny found us another spot.


Henry needed one twice as big to cover his genitals. Now where to?

Not sure what this is about and I'm out of clever commentary.

Pit stop. One thing the angry cholo bar had going for it was a taco stand. I don't remember if they were good or not but Donny enthusiastically approves.

Things get a little sloppy from here on. Of course, we have the crazy ass groom to thank for getting the crazy started.

This photo is the only evidence we have about the whereabouts of Henry's glasses. RIP.

We caught a cab from downtown and I'm not sure where we were headed? Strippers perhaps? In any case, Donny and I were fighting in the back and if anyone is familiar with wrestling, Donny managed to give me a "Mr Socko" when I wasn't looking. We got kicked out of the cab in the middle of no where. Tony doesn't seem phased, as he flashes his best Sinatra pose.

We ended up at some hotel that looked a lot like the one we were staying at. Donny tried to cut us a wicked deal while the rest of us just shook our heads. We needed a cab.

To pass the time Henry and Donny had a little red flower eating contest. Fun, right?

Eventually we caught a cab and made a run for Carl's Jr. We ordered extra sodium as a joke and I think they held that request against us. Most places close early in San Jose on a Thursday night and the crowds are a little off, but, with the right people you can still have a good time while spending less than a total of 30 minutes in all bar establishments.


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