Friday, December 10, 2010

San Jose: Rehearsal Dinner

Day two in San Jose started slowly. I couldn't really sleep due to my booze fueled evening prior so I stayed up watching sports highlights and took a little drive around town in my feisty Toyota Yaris. I soon realized that on the plus side, San Jose has a taqueria on every corner but on the negative side San Jose is an ugly city. It also goes without saying that San Jose has cool people; bonus!

I'm not really feeling up to writing much more, so just enjoy the photos of me meeting up with the other Calgary homies, going to the mall, going to the wedding Rehearsal at the beautiful St. Francis Assassi church, having dinner at some Chinese joint and then the after party in the grooms suite where the pre-celebration kicked off. John & Mell are defs one of the coolest couples out there. These photos should help prove it. Enjoy.

The Arena Hotel is one classy place.

Donny didn't seem to appreciate the subtle elegance of the rear cabin in the electric blue Toyota Yaris. A simple "boo" would have been suffice.

My boy J.C. and Lupe Fiasco were also in town.

"Touch it why don't ya"

That church had such a nice view that it would actually make me look forward to going to church.

A rare documentary style photo of the Shizzap in his natural habitat.

John B. Deleon; defined.

Bryan had a unique way of dealing with spilled Doritos. You grind them into the carpet until all traces disappear. Set it and forget it.

Say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wrestling broke out. That kid is only 15 and was the runner up at the Canadian National Championship. That guy on top is a U.S. solider who is posted in Germany. 30 seconds later, the kid pinned the solider. He then asked if I wanted a go. I fearfully declined.

Wings praying or passing out. Your call.

Goodnight Moon


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