Friday, September 27, 2013

Tequila Sunrise, on the Rocks

Continuing from where I left off yesterday, I was soaked to the bone, covered in sand and my gear was drenched yet I was still approximately 10 minutes away from my goal, the rocky beach I spotted from the side of the road. You can imagine I was pretty pissed by this time but since I was so close to my desired location, I couldn't turn around now with my proverbial tail between my sand chaffed legs. I kept on, ensuring myself that all of this trouble would be worth it. My camera and lens seemed to be functioning alright aside from the few wet spots and granules of sand. As soon as I arrived, I got straight to work. I set my bag aside, making sure this time my equipment was a safe distance from the tide. I was very quickly getting the results I desired and was getting excited that in fact all the trouble was indeed worth it. Once I felt I had shot what I wanted from the location I set off to return to the resort grounds as I was leaving Mexico that afternoon and had to make quick work of cleaning my equipment as quickly as possible to avoid any further damage from the sea water.

To this day, everything is still working fine. As I said, I do find a fine grain of sand here and there but it is just a constant reminder to take better care of my gear and be more conscious. Now, without any further adieu, here are the photos!

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