Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cold Weather Blues

Anyone else out there sick and tired of the cold weather? Winter has lost all of its charm on me and I am ready break out of my hibernation. Here is a short list of things I miss about Spring/Summer: Riding my bicycles, drinking on a patio, hiking, bonfires, playing sports outdoors, BBQ's, going out in shorts and a t-shirt, driving with my window down, the list can go on and on!
Don't get me wrong, I like the snow and sometimes the cool weather can be refreshing BUT I think we have all had enough and we are ready to get our Vitamin D on! This photo is inspired from the overall feeling of depression and laziness that this years harsh winter has inspired. It is a representation of how I spent many nights in front of the tv gorging on chips and drinking beers. It also expresses how the winter presents a creative slump for me. This year started with a great amount of enthusiasm and inspiration but it was quickly dissolved when life threw me a bit of a curve ball. Ever since I feel like I have been doing my best to just keep my head above water and have been sitting back watching life go by for the last two months. Hopefully a change in the weather will brighten things up? Here's hoping!

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