Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Olympic Torch Relay: Part II

Starting from the plaza at around 7am, the torch made it's way north west through the city towards the University of Calgary campus. Fortunately for me, I couldnt sleep anyways, so I made my way to the Olympic Oval to take some more pictures of the relay!

I got the the U at around 8:30 and I could alreaady hear the P.A. systems and helicopters above, so I knew it was close. The event was not nearly as busy as the event at the Plaza, but there was still a good crowd at the Oval. I made my way down to ice level and got a good spot along the padded barriers on one of the curves. Even though I was using my dad's 24-105mm f/4 lens, I had immediate lens envy when I saw some of the zoom lenses that the pros were shooting with, however, the wider angle of my lens made for some cool shots. Anyways, the event was pretty cool and I got really close to the torch again and got to take some cool shots. There was also a hottie on the speed skating team, so that didn't hurt too much. Enjoy!

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