Monday, January 25, 2010

Chloe's 23rd Birthday

C-Woww turned 23 on the 15th of December! She's such a big girl now! Normally, she is too bummed about exams or lazy to do anything for her birthday, but this year she celebrated her birthday a good 4 times! Once, she jointed it with Win at Lounge Burger for dinner, then she celebrated with her fam, then she celebrated with me and her fam on her birthday day, and finally she celebrated once again with her friends. If that doesn't make up for the lost years, I don't know what will! These are photos taken at her 4th and final birthday celebration, a chill, laid back night at what will probably be the last time her friends will be invited to her house. You'll see why. There are a lot of handsome portraits of the boys and girls here; enjoy!

Hmmm, what does he seem so embarrassed about?

He should be ashamed...

Good capture dub, I'm obsessed with this photo of Chloe.

Thanks for coming out! hope you guys had fun, because you're never invited back ever again! Just kidding, maybe...

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