Monday, January 11, 2010

Win V. x Che Guevara

Our friend Winifrey was really choked about his International Study Program to Cuba being cancelled for December. It just so happened that I randomly got him for our Secret Santa gift exchange, so I decided to make him a poster. Some of you were curious about how I made it, so here is how the project progressed:

First, while in a Cuban souvenir shop, I asked Win to try on the hat and pose with an air of resiliency. I didn't shoot this photo with the intention of making this poster, it just worked out that way.

Second, I played around with the levels, curves and contrast in Photoshop CS4.

Third, I converted the above photo to look similar to the iconic Che Guevara t-shirt print.

Finally, I inserted an image of the Che print found on google, beside my image. I felt that adding my friends hero to the image was a good touch.

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