Friday, January 8, 2010

Luke's 25th Birthday: Part IV of IV

After a night of partying, we jumped into cabs and headed back to the Banff Springs Hotel. We were planning on walking around the hotel in our pj's, hoping to catch site of some of the alleged ghosts which haunt the hallowed halls. Unfortunately, majority of the seekers of the paranormal couldn't resist the temptation of their beds.

The following day started really slowly. As most things don't go as planned with our group, we woke up too late to go to the pool and had to go off site for breakfast. Fortunately, we came back to the Springs to explore the legendary hotel, which gave me the opportunity to shoot some really great shots.

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So concludes the series documenting Luke's incredible 25th birthday. Hope you had as much fun viewing the pictures as I had taking them. Have an ill weekend, loves.


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